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1 in 3 New Zealand women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse; it also includes emotional, verbal, psychological, economic and sexual abuse. It can be difficult to work out if what you are experiencing in your relationship is abuse or not. The 1 in 3 Be Free App can help you identify whether you’re in an abusive relationship and connect you with support services in your area.

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The 1 in 3 Be Free App is a tool created to show you what an abusive relationship can look like. We strongly recommend that you talk with a domestic violence specialist if you do have any concerns about what’s happening in your relationship.

Based on the answers you give in the following quiz, the App will identify the dynamics of domestic violence that may be present in your relationship. The App will then link you to support services in your region.

Important Info about this App:

  • If at any stage it gets unsafe for you to carry on with the quiz, just click on the panic button at the top of the screen...Panic Button...and the App will lock and hide itself behind a calculator.
  • To unlock the App, enter your PIN into the calculator and press the equals button.
  • The quiz questions can relate to anyone you are romantically involved with, whether you are living together, separated or just dating.
  • If you want to come back to the quiz later, the answers you have already entered will be saved. You will need to enter your PIN into the calculator to return to your quiz.
  • In the results section, short videos play to provide more information about the tactics abusive men use. These videos have been kindly provided by DAIP in Duluth, Minnesota. DAIP are the world leaders in this work and we do not have similar resources available in NZ at this time. In America specialists use the term ‘batterer’ where we would use the term ‘abuser’ or ‘perpetrator’. In America they talk about ‘battered women’ where we use the term ‘family or domestic violence victim’. Regardless of differences in terminology the information is as relevant here as it is in Duluth.
If you are in immediate danger, you should ring 111.
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Have you separated or are you trying to separate from your partner?
Do you have a protection order in place?
Do you have children?


Protection Orders can be effective safety tools, but they can also be difficult to understand. A Protection Order means that the respondent (the person you have a Protection Order against) can't:

  • Abuse you or your children in any way – physically, sexually, or psychologically, which includes financial abuse
  • Threaten you or your children at all
  • Damage or threaten to damage your property or belongings
  • Or encourage anyone else to threaten or abuse you or your children

Protection orders also mean they can't contact you or your children at all. So this means they can't:

  • Go to your home or your work unless you say that they can
  • Hang around anywhere where you regularly go, like the supermarket down the road, your work or uni
  • Follow you
  • Try to stop you from either coming or going from places
  • Or contact you at all including sending you or your children texts, phoning them, sending letters or fax, calling someone else to speak to you or your children or calling you or your children off a different phone

They also need to hand over any firearms license they hold and any weapons that they hold to the Police when this order is put in place. If any of these conditions are not met, they have breached the protection order. Call the Police immediately as they can be arrested and charged with a criminal offence.

If you would like any more info on Protection Orders, visit this page


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National Support Services

These services are available nationwide.
ACC Sensitive Claims
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Alcohol and drug helpline
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Are you OK
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Barnardos Parent Helpline
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Child, Youth and Family
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Citizens Advice Bureau
Website icon Phone icon
Family Court
Website icon Phone icon
Website icon Phone icon
Website icon Phone icon
211 Helpline
Website icon Phone icon
Plunket Line
Website icon Phone icon
Rape Crisis
Website icon Phone icon
Website icon Phone icon
Suicide Crisis Helpline
Website icon Phone icon
Victim Support
Website icon Phone icon
Victims Information
Website icon Phone icon
Womens Refuge
Website icon Phone icon
Website icon Phone icon

District Map

If you'd like to see support services for other locations, select an island and district. Click the background to zoom back out.


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Physical and Sexual
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Harassment & Intimidation
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Physical Abuse
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Sexual Abuse
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Discrediting her
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Coercion and Threats
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Using Intimidation
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Using Emotional Abuse
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Using Isolation
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Minimizing, Denying and Blaming
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Using Children
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Male Privilege
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Using Economic Abuse
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Coercion and Threats
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The shaded areas indicate abusive behaviour your partner may be using. Touch on any of the inner segments or the outer rim to learn more about the dynamics of abuse. Or you can learn about the Duluth Model here Please note that sound accompanies the videos

Next Steps

We hope the 1 in 3 Be Free App has helped you either by finding support in your community or by educating you on the many forms that domestic violence can take.

If you feel concerned after doing this quiz please call a professional or domestic violence prevention agency in your area. Our number one priority is your safety; if you are in immediate danger, call the Police.

If you know other women who may benefit from using the 1 in 3 Be Free App, please share it with them. We want this App to help New Zealand women be free from violence, and help build a society with zero tolerance for violence against women.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the 1 in 3 Be Free App, email us at innercitywomensgroup16@gmail.com


Passionate people committed to ending violence against women can make a difference. We would like to acknowledge the following people for their invaluable contribution to this project:

  • Sophie Elvidge for conceptualising the App, and initialising this project.
  • The brilliant team at Omnispex, in particular Senior Coder Brendan Baber for the coding and design of the App, and his ongoing support, expertise and willingness to bring our ideas to life.
  • Deborah Mackenzie, for contributing academic and professional domestic violence expertise to the refinement and functionality of the App, and helping to bring this project to completion.
  • Anusha Bhana for her creative input regarding App content and design, and the coordination of the App’s launch event and communication strategy.
  • Scott Miller from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP), in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, for providing expertise and knowledge especially with regards to the Duluth Models used in this App.
  • And last but not least, the entire team at Inner City Women’s Group for sharing their vast experience and knowledge of domestic violence to ensure this App is a reputable and useful educational tool for all New Zealand women.

About Us

Inner City Women’s Group has supported women, especially those affected by domestic violence, since 1988. We specialise in delivering programmes about:

  • Freedom from abuse and violence
  • Women and anger
  • Assertiveness, communication, confidence-building skills & strategies
  • Parenting support for women affected by domestic violence
  • Prevention and violence education
  • Coping with the aftermath of trauma

Inner City Women’s Group is an independent Charitable Trust. We are approved by the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the 1 in 3 Be Free App, email us at innercitywomensgroup16@gmail.com

For more information about the programmes we offer, visit us at www.innercitywomensgroup.org.nz

© Inner City Women’s Group 2016

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